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Trademark vs Copyright

Trademark and copyright are two different concepts of Intellectual property rights. The purpose of copyright is basically to protect creation of an applicant so that it can be safeguarded from being infringed, on the other hand trademark is protection against possible infringement of business name or mark through which business gets recognition in the market pertaining to a particular brand, goods or services. Copyright subsists in artistic, literary, dramatic, musical, cinematographic, sound recording etc, whereas trademark relates to trading of goods and providing of services in the commercial market. Trademark is granted for a period of 10 years after that it is supposed to be renewed for a further period of ten years. Copyright in India is granted for 60 years beyond the life of the applicant. The procedure for obtaining copyright is simple, easy and cost effective whereas trademark involves a lot of technicalities and procedures to cope up with.

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Copyright is mainly obtained within a span of one year whereas trademark takes near about year and a half to get registered. These are the basic differences between copyright and trademark. Although copyright and trademark might have its advantages and disadvantages but it is extremely important to obtain registration pertaining to the same since it not only guarantees protection but also acts as an instrument to carry out business in an effective and proper manner. It is thus highly recommended to all those who have not applied for copyright or trademark to apply for the same at the earliest.