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Copyright Rights

The author's rights are mainly composed of moral rights and economic rights. By moral rights, we mean the author's exclusive right to disclose the work, to withdraw it from the public, to have his name indicated on the work and to prevent any distortion, mutilation or any other modification of the work, which would be prejudicial to the author's honour or reputation. By economic rights we mean the author's right to give authorisation for the use of the work in ways defined by the Act, i.e. for its reproduction, its distribution, its public performance, its communication to the public by broadcasting or in any other manner, its retransmission, its alteration and its exhibition.

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The content and the conditions of such forms of use are defined by the Act. The author is entitled to remuneration for the use of the work and he can waive it only by an express statement to that end; in certain cases the law may exclude the right to waive the remuneration. A special element of the economic rights called reprographic remuneration , due to which the author works can be reproduced by photocopying or in like manner on paper or on like carrier, i.e. by reprography. Companies producing, importing reprographic devices or operating reprographic devices for a consideration are obliged to pay the remuneration to the rightholders.