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Copyright aims at providing protection to various authors, publishers, artists, composers etc for their creation. These creations are basically termed as works. Copyright protection is basically termed as works. Copyright protection is obtained automatically once a work has been created. But with the changing of time and development in the field of creativity, many countries have started a system of optional registration & deposit of related works. This registration process has been mainly started to effectuate speedy disposal of disputes and all related problems concerning copyright. Copyright is mainly granted for the life of the author and 50 years after his death. This rule is established by Berne convention and is followed by most of the countries. Moral and economic rights are the rights granted by registration of Copyright. Thus the basic aim of copyright is to protect these rights in case it gets infringed.

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Copyright Services in India

Copyright in India is considered as a set of exclusive rights that looks after the use of particular expression of idea or information. Copyright law covers only the form or manner in which the ideas or information have been manifested. Generally a work must has the minimum prescribed criteria as laid down by the Indian Copyright Act to qualify for copyright. In India the term of copyright is beyond sixty years from the life of the owner. It means that an author, artist or any person having copyright in a particular work enjoys that right beyond sixty years from the date of his death. Copyright in India is infringed when any person without the prior permission or authority of the owner uses or publishes the work as his own. In case if it gets infringed it is redresses in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down in the Indian Copyright act pertaining to the same. But seriously speaking these remedies have not proved to be that much effective against violation or infringement of copyright.

Copyright Services in UK

Copyright laws in UK give the creator of works the right to control the ways in which their material will be used. In many cases the creator will also have the right to be recognized as the author and to object to impediments of his work. The types of Copyright work protected under UK law are literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, typographical arrangement of published editions, sound recordings and films. Rights in copyright occur automatically but in order to claim it legally it is necessary to register it although it is not mandatory. The duration of copyright in UK varies for different types of copyright. However it is not more than 70 years from the end of calendar year in which the owner of work dies.