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Copyright in UK

The first copyright was granted in the year 1556 in England by Royal Decree. It is to be noted that the rules & regulations governing Indian Copyright Act has been adopted on the basis of U.K Law. Earlier the statutory right was limited to only 14 years, renewable for an additional 14 years by the author. The statute contained a very rigid system of registration notice & deposit requirement & strict compliance with those requirements was required by English courts for many years. By the passing of time it was realized that if copyright was to survive the applicability of more lenient and flexible laws would be needed. Thus by the 1988 Act U.K put itself in a position to ratify Paris revision of Berne convention & thus started to deal with copyright matters promptly and efficiently.

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According to U.K Laws Copyright applies to any medium. One must not produce copyright protected work in another medium without permission. This includes all the works which is covered within the purview of copyright. A Copyright protected work may guarantee more than one legal right or another Intellectual property right connected to it. For e.g. while copyright protect the artwork of logo, the logo can also be protected through trademark. Copyright in U.K gives the registered owner a number of rights such as moral rights, substantial rights, economic rights etc.