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Copyright Legislation

Copyright law grants to registered holder of copyrights, the exclusive rights to use the works created by them. The basic idea behind copyright is to protect a particular work from being infringed. Its main priority is to safeguard rights of the copyright holder and prevent others from doing something without authorisation or license of the registered holder. However the copyright law contains certain ways by which work maybe used by any person without the prior permission of owner such as fair dealing, library privilege, copying for examination, copying for instruction etc. On the other hand there is license by which permission is granted to any person to use the work of the registered owner legally. If a particular work is out of protection than anybody can copy the same freely, if not than he will be held responsible of committing criminal offence.

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Copyright Legislation in India

Copyright in India mainly subsists in literary, artistic, dramatic, cinematographic, sound recording etc. Copyright registration in India guarantees protection against possible infringement of the same. It is basically a weapon by which registered holder of copyright can protect himself against violation of the same. Copyright registration in India is very simple and time consuming. Copyright in India is mainly granted for a period of sixty years beyond the life of author. It is to be noted that infringement of copyright amounts to criminal offence as laid down in the Criminal procedure code and rules and regulations governing Indian Copyright Act. However even if copyright has its technicalities and procedure to cope up with, it is highly recommended by us to register a copyright work after going through all the points provided in this site pertaining to copyright.