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Copyright Protection

Copyright is absolutely automatic. There is total absence of formal requirements for obtaining copyright protection. Even the international symbol of copyright is not a prerequisite for protection under the law. Obviously, the conferment of legal right without any kind of administrative works or expense has created a very convenient and efficient system of protection to the creator of the different intellectual works. Copyright protections are less onerous than those under the fields of patents, industrial design & trademarks. To acquire copyright protection a work must be original & have literary merit that should contribute to information, instruction or entertainment of persons other than the owner. The protection under copyright is granted for a much longer period as compared to that of other concepts covered within the ambit f Intellectual property. As a general rule, the duration of copyright is the author's lifetime plus 60 years. In case of films, records, TV, sound broadcasters, photographs & published editions, the term of copyright is 50 years or less.

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Copyright Protection Laws

Frankly speaking, copyright protection laws do not grant a monopoly in the true sense of the word. The law pertaining to copyright is very flexible. Copyright confers a limited monopoly. It prohibits copying and not independent creation by others. There is no infringement if the two works resemble each other closely, if the authors have produced their identical works independent of each other. Copyright may also exist in a work that has no commercial value. Thus the laws relating to copyright protection may be granted to a book which is void of literary qualities, painting devoid of any theme and sculpture without art excellence.