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Intellectual property mainly comprises of Copyright, patent and trademark. These concepts play a very vital role within the ambit of Intellectual property rights. Out of the three the most technical and complicated part is the patent. No attorney or advocate has the right to sign in a patent application except a patent attorney. In order to qualify as a patent agent one should have a science background. Patent is granted mainly in respect of a particular invention. Trademark is obtained to safeguard the name or identity of the business from being infringed or violated. Copyright is nothing but protecting the work/creation of any person so that no one can copy the same without the prior permission or authority of the author or owner of the creation. The process for obtaining registration of all the aforesaid concepts is very difficult and involves a lot of technicalities to be tackled with.

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Many a times applicant in order to save money and to avoid services of lawyers, files the application personally. This brings impediments at the time objections are raised by the Examiner of respective departments. Thus in order to avoid all this things it is professionally recommended by this site to hire the services of attorneys expertise in different fields of Intellectual property rights so that the matters can be proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Attorneys not only know how to handle these matters but also know the proper execution of different stages pertaining to the registration of copyright, patent and trademark.