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New Company Registration

Company registration is a process of making the company legal in order to enjoy the every aspect of law benefits. Well, if you are planning to form a new company, then it is important to set your mind towards new company registration from where you can start your company under the safe mode.

New company registration in India comprises of varied rules and regulations that one company needs to accompany in order to submit application for the same. Like numbers of members, capital to show, area of operations, classification of products and services and lots more. Here, 365companies bring you with the complete services of new company registration where our well experienced attorneys provide you with quality services as step by step regarding how to apply and submit an application for new company registration.

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New Company Registration Process

Every country generally follows a distinct and its own set of rules for the new company registration. It is very important to go through each and every step before applying for the same. As in India you will find a number of steps need to follow while applying for the new company registration.
  • Describing the company's nature and structure.
  • Need to choose a category from public limited company, an LLP, a private limited company, a partnership or One Person company any other.
  • Apart from these above points; Memorandum of Association and Memorandum of Articles are also needed to submit at the specific point.
  • On the same time one need to define about owner, company's partners and shareholders while submitting an application for new company registration.

New Company Registrations in Abroad

Here, 365companies comprised of distinct teams of highly qualified attorneys and lawyers those who are serving the mass from the last several successful years. On the same loop of legal services, here you will also find new company registration in abroad in order to carry your company branches in different segments of the globe. We always tried to maintain amicable and strong relations with our clients while offering credible services.