Company Incorporation

A company is an association formed for the purpose of doing business. According to the New Companies Act 2013, 'company' includes company formed and registered under the act. In India, company can be incorporated either as a private limited or public limited or One Person Company. The procedure of incorporation all over India is same. While getting a company incorporated, it is important for an individual to get name approval of the proposed company from registrar or companies (ROC) and after the name approval, along with the application of incorporation, the memorandum and articles of association in addition with other necessary prescribed documented are required to be submitted with the ROC. Next, the memorandum of association stipulates the constitution and objects of the company. The articles of association contain the rules and regulations of the company for the management of its affairs. After examining the documents, the ROC issues a certificate of incorporation. After that, the private limited company becomes entitled to commence its business and a public company after obtaining the certificate of commencement of business from ROC can begin with their work.

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Company Incorporation Services

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The company incorporation services that we offer include:
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