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Copyright Application

Every copyright application shall consist of Application in Form IV, Statement of Particulars, statement of further particulars (except in case of cinematographic film), undertaking, No objection certificate(if the application is being filed in the name of some other person other than the author) Power of Attorney and 3 sets of the concerned work. Every copyright application shall be in respect of one and only one work; it shall be in triplicate and shall be accompanied by the fee specified in the Second schedule in this behalf. The person applying for registration shall give notice of this application to every person who claims or has any interest in the subject matter of the copyright.

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Copyright Application Process

After receiving the application and after giving intimation to the persons who claims or has any interest in the subject matter of the copyright, if no objection to such registration is received by the registrar of Copyrights within thirty days of the receipt of the application, he will, if satisfied about the correctness of the particulars given in the application enter such particulars in the Register of Copyrights. If the Registrar receives any objection pertaining to the copyright application he shall or shall not enter such particulars in the Register of copyrights as he thinks fit after holding a proper enquiry in this regard.