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Intellectual Property Copyright

The concept of Intellectual property vests in the valuable production of human mind, labour skill and efforts. This property relates to capacity of man to produce new things for public use. The owner of the property has exclusive right over the same, which has been produced by his own intellect. One such intrinsic concept of intellectual property is copyright. Copyright is considered as the mother of all concepts and forms an integral part of Intellectual Property Rights. The world community is making relentless effort to popularize Intellectual property copyright as a result of which various rules and regulations governing the same has been implemented and executed in a proper manner.

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Intellectual Property Copyright Infringement

The Indian legislation from time to time inserted various clauses and rules to prevent infringement of Intellectual Property Copyright such as the 1994 amendment provides protection against making films, video tapes or audio tapes of performance without the performer's permission with few exceptions where the recording is for private use or for news reporting. The 1984 amendment also provides for stringent punishments for piracy and effective procedures to inhibit it. This Acts and regulations proved a major role in preventing and curtailing the infringement of International Property Copyright Infringement.