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Medico Legal Services

We provide medico legal services to our clients including Civil Legal Medicine, medical ethics, Forensic Legal Medicine and Medical Practice areas Connected with Statute Law in India & across the globe. Our medico legal services reduce your risk of costly litigation and we address the issues surrounding the growing incidence of medical malpractice and other related topics in the field today. Our experienced medical and legal professionals can offer fast turnaround of medico legal reports to our clients matching the requirements and expectations completely. We deal with medico legal problems such as malpractice, child ethics, insurance, in medical practice etc.

Our medico legal outsourcing services encompass the following Medico-Legal fields:-
  • Medical law, Medical Ethics and Medical negligence.
  • Forensic science, anthropology, denontology, toxicology and psychiatry.
  • Clinical negligence.
  • Personal injury, insurance disputes and disability determination.
  • Criminology, profiling.
  • Medical legal research.

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Key Features of Our Medico Legal Services:-
We provide a rapid and secure service that covers the complete medico legal process from first correspondence about an injured person through to the production of a medico-legal report. Our medigo legal team coordinates all client requests for medical reports to strict timelines to ensure best performance for our clients.

A Fast and Responsive Service:-
The most important feature of our medigo legal service is its fast and responsive nature. We aim to make an appointment to see the customer within 1 week of instruction and aim to produce the report within a week of the appointment.

Taking the Service to the Client:-
The next key feature is our traveling service, where we can see clients at their homes to save unnecessary and stressful journeys at a time when they could be most vulnerable.

Medico Legal Services Inc.-Our medico legal Services Includes:-
  • Physiotherapy treatment and assessment.
  • Return-to-work Rehabilitation Programme.
  • Advice to Personal Injury Lawyers and Solicitors wishing to gain further medical. Insight regarding their client's injuries.
  • Comprehensive and cost-effective medico-legal reporting services. Physiotherapists are musculoskeletal experts, and are fully qualified to produce. Medico-legal reports within their scope of practice.

Medico Legal Services Ltd.-
We provide comprehensive medico-legal services, specializing in the preparation of expert witness reports for medico-legal, immigration, welfare benefit, and other such cases. Our team of specially trained and experienced medical experts is completely up-to-date with changing legislation and legal requirements.