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Legal Pleadings and Documentation

Legal pleadings are specialty legal documents services, which are provided by us at affordable price matching clients's requirements and expectations completely. A legal pleading is a highly fundamental document, which is used to commence a civil proceeding or to deal with a civil litigation instituted against you. At, we help you with the preparation of legal pleadings and other legal documents fundamental to a case. Our experienced attorneys prepare legal pleadings according to the situation and fact of the case. We prepare all types of legal pleadings including common law pleading, notice pleadings and code pleading, with access to highly proficient workforce consisting of legal and paralegal team we deliver high quality legal pleading documents. Our legal pleading services primarily cover:
  • Complaint describing allegations of the applicant to commence court proceedings
  • Answer/Response admitting or denying claims of the petitioner
  • Replies to the responses

Legal Documentation

We at specialize in legal document preparation services. MOS offers high-quality, error-free legal document preparation services to global clients within the country and abroad. We provide legal document preparation services to law firms, corporate firms, public utility services, insurance companies, individual practitioners, finance companies and more. Legal document preparation involves preparing a wide range of legal documents, paralegal services, and filing. Depending on your unique requirement, we can provide a complete legal document solution. We can prepare legal documents based on your business legal requirements and expectations completely.

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Our legal document services include
  • Partnership agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Client letters
  • Warranty deed
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Lease notice
  • Court proceedings
  • Release agreement
  • Immigration/naturalization