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Monitoring relates not only to deliverables but also other contractual Requirements such as background checks, use of minority vendors, etc. The monitoring outsource contract will be a challenging task for the small business owner, it is the best way to identify employees from their own company. Contract Monitoring should be as independent as possible to ensure objectivity in the Enforcement of a contract-s conditions and terms. If a third party contract Monitor is hired, consideration must be given to the amount of oversight required to manage the third party contract and to the prescriptive contract language required to ensure that a thorough review is accomplished.

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Contract Monitoring Procedures

The purpose of contract monitoring is to ensure SP Grant is purchasing efficient and effective services that meet the needs of users, and to identify any problems as early as possible. It is essential to have a formal process for monitoring and managing the outsourcing contract.Contract monitoring procedures shall ensure that contractual services are delivered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract prior to the processing.Contract monitoring is an essential element of contract administration, involving business, technical, and administrative oversight by the government. Contracting officers assure compliance with the contract terms, including statutory, business, legal and regulatory provisions.