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Document review is a task performed by attorneys in anticipation of legal proceedings or during the discovery phase of litigation. The primary purpose of first level document review is to review documents and determine whether or not they're "responsive" or "non-responsive" as they pertain to a specific legal case or issue. In essence, first level document review forms part of the discovery phase of litigation. Document review requires the attorneys to assess the relevance and/or responsiveness of documents, using knowledge about the facts of the case and the issues of law. Later stages of document review consider whether a document is privileged and may be either withheld from production or redacted for content. The actual review of the documents is performed either electronically or manually.

We efficiently organize, review, code and summarize scanned documents in preparation in connection with due diligence of a large transaction. We modify our document review services to the specific requirements and expectations of our clients in India & across the globe. We provide a finished result that is compatible with our clients' existing document review software programs. Our multinational attorneys, advanced data security and time zone efficiencies significantly reduce the costs of your litigation support, patent research, legal research and document review.

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The document review-process allows you to specify the name of users who privately review a document. Usually, the document review process workflow consists of the following basic steps. Once the document is received it is made available for review to a group of people either simultaneously or one after another. Often, Reviewers will have to interact with each other and discuss the different aspects of a document. They can make changes approve or reject the document. As each reviewer makes his own changes there is the possibility of several versions of the documents on the network.