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In law, simple legal filing is the act of submitting a document to the clerk of a court for the court's immediate consideration, for storage in the court's files, or both. Courts will not consider motions, if an appropriate memorandum is not filed before the appropriate deadline. Normally, a filing fee is paid at the same time, such legal filing fees are one part of the variety of charges that are known as court costs.

In civil procedure systems, simple legal filing rules can be permissive or mandatory. In a mandatory filing system, all documents of legal importance exchanged between the parties are also filed with the court, while in a permissive filing system, nothing requires to be filed until the case reaches a point where direct judicial management is absolutely compulsory.

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We are a leading law firm in India, which provides a spectrum of legal filing services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities. We have a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts, chartered accountants and Information technology consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client's requirements and expectations completely.

We provide legal filing services at affordable price, which meets the requirements and expectations completely. Our legal services practice delivers high-quality services to global clients in India & across the globe. Our highly qualified and experienced lawyers and paralegals support both corporate law departments and law firms. Our track record in quality assurance, workflow processes and information security enables customers to leverage a comprehensive solution for legal projects.