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Medico Legal Outsourcing

Our medico legal outsourcing services area includes the field of Legal Medicine including Civil Legal Medicine, medical ethics, Forensic Legal Medicine and Medical Practice areas Connected with Statute Law. We provide litigation services such as legal animation for trial presentations, forensic, accident re-enactments. Our services reduce your risk of costly litigation and we address the issues surrounding the growing incidence of medical malpractice and other related topics in the field today. Our experienced medical and legal professionals can offer fast turnaround of medico legal reports to our clients matching the requirements and expectations completely. We deal with medico legal problems such as malpractice, child ethics, insurance, in medical practice etc.

Our medico legal outsourcing services encompass the following Medico-Legal fields:-
  • Medical law, Medical Ethics and Medical negligence.
  • Forensic science, anthropology, denontology, toxicology and psychiatry.
  • Clinical negligence.
  • Personal injury, insurance disputes and disability determination.
  • Criminology, profiling.
  • Medical legal research.

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Medico Legal Definition

Medico-legal expertise is a relatively new profession in India where issues like legal experts handling problems involving accidents, treatment in hospitals and patient-doctor grievances are not well developed in India as yet. The Indian Association of Medico-Legal Experts have been entrusted with the responsibility of medico-legal cases. Medico-legal expertise is required for Forensic Medicine, toxicology and Medical Jurisprudence.