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Judicial Dispute Resolution

Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) is available at the Court of Appeal to assist the parties in resolving all, or at least some, of the issues in dispute. The litigation is the most common form of judicial dispute resolution. Litigation is facilitated by the government within federal, state and the municipal courts. The proceedings are very formal, which are governed by rules such as rules of evidence and procedure established by the legislature. Usually, judicial dispute resolution is adversarial in nature, e.g., involving antagonistic parties or opposing interests seeking an outcome most favorable to their position.

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Judicial Resolutions Arbitration Services

Judicial resolutions arbitration services are considered to be a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).Judicial Dispute Resolution provides efficient and effective resolution of civil disputes on a private basis. Our panel of former judicial officers is devoted to reach mutually acceptable resolutions of disputes.

We provide the facilities necessary to achieve successful resolution of all civil disputes. We deliver confidential, creative and timely arbitration and mediation solutions. We provide complete Alternative Dispute Resolution services designed to help resolve disputes confidentially, quickly and cost effectively.