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Commercial Dispute Resolution

This course takes a broad approach to the study of substance and procedure, disorde and order , risk and uncertainty , and injustice and justice in the public and private international and commercial spheres. A primary focus is on the laws, customs, rules and practices, that are relevant to potential and actual conflicts and disputes. The course takes academic, practical, and professional approaches to the issues, processes and skills in the field, including containment, resolution, management, negotiation, and other processes, systems, and institutions.It is centrally concerned with law and other rules of international and commercial dispute resolution in the context of prevention and resolution of conflicts and disputes, including the relevance of democracy, regulation, and governance.

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International Commercial Dispute Resolution

International Commercial disputes are disputes, which arise between parties during the normal course of business. Parties to such disputes may be individuals, firms, private companies, public companies, government departments and statutory bodies, etc. Commercial disputes may be resolved through the following means:

Mediation: - By mutual discussion and negotiation between the parties with the help of a neutral third party.
Arbitration: - By referring the dispute to an arbitral tribunal and resolving the same accordingly.
Litigation: - By filing an appropriate suit/application/petition before a Court of competent jurisdiction.