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The TDS Consultants are the tax professionals who provide well-rounded and exclusive services for and expert counsel over the matters and issues related with TDS. The provision of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is one of the modes of taxation by the Government of India, under the Income Tax Act, 1961. This TDS is deducted by the deductor from a variety of incomes gained from diverse sources, and paid to the Government, in accordance with the regulations mentioned in the Finance Act of the year specified. These all categories of financial sources or incomes are described exclusively in the section below. Ours well-experienced, discerning, and expert tds consultants provide the whole gamut of services and counsel regarding tax deducted at source tds, in all across the country of India, to people and entities concerned with all the financial sources mentioned below. Proper and punctual TDS/TCS returns to the government, are mandatory for all employers, companies, institutions, and organizations required to make prescribed tax deduction at source. The TDS Certificates offer certain benefits and relief to the income tax payers in the country. More information about the Deductors and Deductees are furnished below, along with ours elegant and impeccable tds consultancy services.

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TDS Consultancy Services

The TDS is the amount of tax deducted by the payer (employer/deductor) from the income generated by the payee or receiver (employee/deductee), as per the Finance Act of the year. In cases of financial gains in form of salaries, the Deductor is the employer, while its employees are the Deductees. This deductor is then required to send the deducted amount of tax to the government. All deductors in diverse economic fields are compelled by the government to make tax deduction at sources concerned with them, and therefore, obtain TAN. This TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) is necessary for making their TDS/TCS returns. We support all deductors in various business and profession fields in obtaining their respective TAN. At present, any business entity whose turnover exceeds the limit of Rs.60,00,000/- is forced by the government to make TDS. In case of professional institutions, this limit for the total annual receipt is 15,00,000/-. Our tds consultants support and advise all the deductors and deductees in diverse economic fields, associated with one of more of the financial transactions mentioned below. In India, the following are the sources, incomes, or payments, which are subject to TDS:

  • Salaries (u/s - 192)
  • Interest on Securities (u/s - 193)
  • Interest generated from means other than the interest on Securities (u/s - 194A)
  • Dividends on Shares (u/s - 194)
  • Prize Money gained from Lotteries, Betting, Horse Races, etc. (u/s - 194B)
  • Payments to Contractors/Sub-Contractors (u/s - 194C)
  • Insurance Commissions (u/s - 194D)
  • Fees for Professional/Technical Services (u/s - 194J)
  • Rental Charges (u/s - 194I)
  • Payment from Commission/Brokerage (u/s - 194H)
  • Commission on the sale of Lottery Tickets (u/s - 194G)
  • Income from deposits under National Savings Scheme (u/s - 194EE)
  • Income generated from the Foreign Countries.