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Ours one of the nationwide prominent and leading law firms in India, with immense international and global reputation, provides the whole gamut of consultancy and legal services regarding the Sales Tax, to individuals and business entities in all economic fields. Described are ours these all sales tax consulting services in this diligently prepared article. For easy and comprehensive understanding, let me begin this article with fundamental information about this sales tax.

The Sales Tax, is the indirect tax which is levied on the sale of the majority of goods and products, and also on some services, and collected from the buyer at the time of selling or delivering the same. The sales tax thus collected from the buyer or purchaser, is then remitted to the concerned governmental tax agency by the seller or supplier. This sales tax is charged as a prescribed percentage of the basic or retail price of the product being transacted. This rate of sales tax varies from State to State (4 - 15%) in India. Besides this State Sales Tax, a certain sales tax called the Central Sales Tax (CST) is also levied by the Central Government of India, which is presently charged at the rate of 4%. All inter-state transactions are taxed at the rate of this CST, in most of the States of India. Since April 2005, some States of India have replaced this sales tax with the Value Added Tax (VAT). The basic and generic rates of VAT in most of States of India are - 4% and 12.5%, for most of the goods and products in diverse fields. More information about the applicability of sales tax, is given below.

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Sales Tax Consulting Services

Some categories of goods, products, and services are exempted from sales tax, at State and Central levels. Again, depending upon the sales tax laws of the State and Central Governments, the sales tax can also be included in the base or retail price of the product or service (called tax-inclusive price), or added separately at the point of sale. Generally, the selling of imported products or items in the domestic country, and making export of these from the country, are not subject to levying of any sales tax. However, this depends on the policies and strategies of the State and federal Governments, devised from time to time. Ours well-informed and extensively experienced sales tax consultants have been offering comprehensive guidance and support regarding the sales tax, to entrepreneurs, companies, industries, institutions, business-owners, and professionals in all fields of commerce, profession, service, and industrial sectors, in countries India and abroad. The ultimate aim of ours sales tax consulting services (including swift and reliable sales tax consulting services online) is to optimize and reduce the amount of sales taxes payable by these people and entities ingeniously, and thus, enhance their the overall profitability. Businesses at all stages, and involved at levels regional, national, international, or global, can avail rather promptly and economically ours impeccable sales tax consulting services. Ours these adept consultants are quite prominent as sales tax deduction consultants, in all across India, and abroad.