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Excise Duty Consultants

The Excise Duty or Tax, is generally considered as an indirect tax payable by the manufacturers of diverse goods and products within the jurisdictions of the country specified. This Excise Duty is different from the Customs Duty, Sales Tax, VAT, or the Service Tax. The manufacturers and producers in various fields of the commercial and industrial sectors are required to pay this excise duty to the federal government of the country, in addition to various other taxes, in order to do business within the country. The domestic companies engaged in international business also come under the ambit of these excise duties within the country. These excise duties form a bulk part of the total revenue collected by the federal government every year. As this excise duty is substantial in case of some goods and products (alcohol, tobacco, petrochemicals, etc.), and varies from products to products in diverse commercial fields, a comprehensive and discerning understanding of these excise duties applicable, is inherent and significant for high overall profitability of the businesses. These information and supportive services are offered by excise duty consultants to the concerned people and entities in various economic fields. Ours superb excise duty consultants services in India and abroad, are discussed exclusively in the section below.

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Online Excise Duty Consultants Services

Ours seasoned and internationally famous excise duty consultants (including excise duty consultants online) have been extending well-rounded services regarding excise duty to all economic sectors concerned, for a long time in jurisdictions worldwide. Ours these excise duty consultants services help business-owners and companies in reducing their excise duties strategically and managing their production and distribution activities most efficiently and economically in this regard. In India, these excise duties are levied and collected under the regulations of the Central Excise Act, 1944; the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985; the Central Excise Rules, 2002; and other pertinent Rules. Our excise duty consultants services are provided for the following works and activities:

  • For obtaining Excise Registration Certificate
  • Internal Auditing, and Monthly Audit of all Excise Records
  • Expert Consultation on Effective Functioning of Excise Personnel
  • Excise Duty Exemptions, Concessions, and Relief
  • Excise Compliances
  • Excise Representation
  • Reply to Show Cause Notices
  • Refund Claims
  • Export Clearances
  • And, all other excise related matters and issues.