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List of Top Companies in India

Reliance Industries Limited:
This is the largest private sector conglomerate in India founded by Dhirubhai Amabani with an annual turnover of about US$ 35.9.This Fortune Global 500 company have its businesses in energy and materials value chain. It is also the largest producer of yarn and fibre in the world. Across the globe, it ranks among the top ten producers in major petrochemical products. The primary subsidiaries of the company are Reliance Petroleum Limited and Reliance Retail Limited along with Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited.

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation:
This company is awarded as the Best Oil and Gas Company in Asia, which is the lone contributor of about 84% India's oil and gas. This company is not only among the leading Indian companies but also a leading company of gas and oil. The highest profit making corporate of India is ONGC, which has 77% share in the crude oil production of India. The company's main activity is to explore, produce, refine, market and transport crude oil, natural gas etc.

Indian Oil Corporation:
It is a public sector Indian Petroleum company and also the largest commercial enterprise in India. This company ranks 116 on the list of the Fortune Global 500 list in the year 2008.It operates the widest and the largest network of fuel stations in India which is about 17,606.

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National Thermal Power Corporation Limited is the largest power company in India, which has a capacity of 29894 MW with 7 Gas based,15 coal based power stations and about four joint ventures. The company is the top among the Best Workplaces for Large Organizations. Two major units of the company are in Orissa. The core business of the company is construction, engineering and operation of power generating plants.

Tata Steel
The company was initially known as TISCO and Tata Iron and Steel Company. It is the sixth largest Indian Steel company in the world. The crude capacity of the company is 28 million tones. It is also ranks second among the largest private sector steel companies in India. It had a profit of Rs 12,350 crore in the year 2008.The main plant is in Jharkhand, Jameshedpur. Tata Steel has become multinational for its operations across the globe. The registered office of TATA Steel is in Mumbai.

Steel Authority of India Limited:
One of the largest steel makers in India is Steel Authority of India Limited. The company has a turnover of about Rs. 45555 crore. The company also ranks higher among the top five largest profit earning Indian corporate. It is also the 16th largest producer of steel in the world.

Bharti Airtel:
Bharti Enterprises' flagship company is Bharti Airtel, which is the topmost company in the sector of telecom. The company is ranked as the one with best performance across the globe in 2007 by the Business Week Magazine. It is also the first provider of telephone service in the private sector and has carved the telecom sector path in India. The three business units of the company are Mobile services, Enterprise services and Broadband and Telephone Services.

Reliance communications:
The company offers services like the information and communication, and services for individuals and enterprises, infrastructure, consulting and applications. The company consumers are in Reliance Landline, Rworld, BroadNet, Wireless phone, Reliance Global call, Reliance IPTV, Mobile-CDMA,GSM etc. The company is a well-known name in the implementation and managing of entire telephony solution.