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Refined and expeditious services for society registration, are laudable part of ours all legal services in countries worldwide. Societies are associations of similar-minded people or professionals, established with certain specified developmental or philanthropic objectives, for benefits to some select section of targeted people or people in general, within the mentioned jurisdictions. Our organization is one of the distinguished law firms of the world, with full-gamut of legal services to people and entities in all economic fields, in connection with all disciplines of the law. Besides the society registration, ours services are also provided for the formation of all other types of NGOs like trusts, and non-profit companies and institutions, in all across india, and other countries of the world. In this article, we are exclusively concerned with our discerning and generous services regarding the society registration, inseparably including society registration in india. Ours all society registration services rendered in India and abroad are described fully in the lower section of this article. Today, our perfect and highly commended society registration services are readily well-accessible through the brisk facility of society registration online.

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Society Registration Services India

In India, societies are registered under the provisions given in the Societies Registration Act of 1860. This Act is a federal act, and for compliance to it, there is established office of the Registrar of Societies in every major State of India. For formation of a society under this Act, the minimum number of dedicated members is seven, there being no limit to the maximum number of its members. These members are designated as the managing committee members of the society. The most significant documents associated with the registration of societies are the Memorandum of Association, and the Rules and Regulations of the Association (also known as the By-laws of the association). Documents presenting dedicated commitment and full consent of the members of its managing committee are also important. The services provided by us for society registration are - offering well-informed and visionary counsel for the formation of the specified type of society; preparing memorandum of association and the by-laws of the association; documenting the consent of all managing committee members; acquiring necessary approvals for registration of the society from governmental and local authorities; filing documents with the concerned registrar of societies; and finally obtaining the certificate of society registration. We also help societies and other forms of NGOs in acquiring certain tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act, 1961.