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IPO Listing

An initial public offering (IPO listing 2009) is the sale of shares by a company to the public for the first time. It is the dream of numerous capitalists to start their own businesses, grow the businesses and eventually bring them public. The preparation for an initial public offering (IPO) requires total commitment on the part of the founder and his management team. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants to raise capital from the capital markets for companies looking to list publicly. We work closely with specialists from banking and legal field to ensure success in your initial public offering (IPO). Our services include:
  • Evaluating company's growth prospects.
  • Projecting a strong management team.
  • Assessing the financials.
  • Ensuring adequacy of internal controls.
  • Resolving any other challenges, this may adversely affect the listing.
  • Restructuring the organization to make it suitable for listing.
  • Reviewing shareholders' listing objectives and intended use of funds.
  • Analyzing the market trends in various countries to identify the appropriate time for listing.
  • Preparing the information memorandum of the company.
  • Working with lawyers, brokers and other professionals in relation to the listing.

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IPO Listing Process

The sale of shares in an IPO may take several forms. Our methods include:
  • Best Efforts Contract
  • Firm commitment contract
  • All-or-none contract
  • Bought Deal
  • Dutch Auction
  • Self distribution of Stock