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The Service Tax is a form of the indirect tax imposed on the transaction of some categories of services by the service providing entities. Such taxable services are available in most of fields of the professional, commercial, industrial, and service sectors of economy. Thus, the service tax contributes to a huge financial income every year to the Government of every country. The service taxes are collected by the service providers at the recommended rates applicable, from the beneficiaries of the services, and then remitted to the Government of the concerned country. To run businesses lawfully and creditably, the service providers in diverse economic sectors are compulsorily required to register themselves under the service tax registration. Swift service tax registration services are an inherent ancillary part of ours all legal services to people and entities in all economic sectors in countries situated worldwide. Now, after the advent and well-accessibility of Internet, ours these services are readily and conveniently available through the facility named the service tax registration online.

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Service Tax Registration Services India

Promulgated in the year 1994, this form of indirect tax offers substantial annual revenue to the central government of India. All regulating rules, formulations, and policies regarding proper levying and collection of service tax within the country, are primarily and exclusively made by the central board of excise and customs working under the ambit of the ministry of finance. It is observed that the list of taxable services in India has been constantly expanding since the implementation of this type of tax in 1994. For service tax registration in india, ours well-informed and expert taxation attorneys and lawyers provide proficient service to service providing entities in various economic fields, engaged in doing business anywhere in the entire country. In India, the service tax registration is mandated to be made within only thirty days from the commencement of any taxable service in any field. The application regarding service tax registration is made through the Form ST-1, and submitted to the central excise/service tax office located in the concerned jurisdictional area. After registration, the applicant is allotted a 15-digit service tax registration number to be necessarily quoted in all correspondence with the taxation and other authorities.