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Trademark Registration

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Patent Services

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Legal Outsourcing

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Outsourcing Successfully

We are a leading legal outsourcing solution provider, which provides legal outsourcing solutions/services at affordable price to our global clients in India & across the globe. We strive to build lasting relationship with our clients by delivering consistently high quality services, building trust and confidence. Our global culture is driven by our sense of quality in everything that we do, respect and integrity in all our interactions, accountability and urgency at all times. Our global clients are convinced that long term relationship with us gives them competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

We are specialized in offering high quality intellectual property services at cost-effective prices. We protect your legal rights on the artistic and commercial works of creation, which are the true outcome of creative and intuitive human intellect. We have a very strong internal information security system ensuring high standards of privacy and information security. We ensure that the high quality services are provided to the client that enables them to leverage maximum out of their intellectual assets. We cover following services under IPR:
  • Patent Searching
  • Patent Mapping and Landscaping
  • Global Patent Portfolio Management Support
  • Patent Claims
  • Validation Studies
  • Preparation of Design Applications
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Patent Review
  • Patent Licensing and Form Processing
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Preparation of Provisional Patent Applications (PPA)
  • Patent Compliance and Technical Analysis

Business Query Form

Litigation Support

Our litigation support team has years of legal experience and are committed to deliver result oriented and accurate research based timely litigation support to the clients. We render the following services as a part of litigation support:
  • Support in the preparation of legal case / trial
  • Document creation using litigation support applications
  • First level document review & analysis
  • Manage data / index / images
  • Scanning / coding of documents with vendors
  • Document Management
  • Deposition preparation and digesting
  • Substantive document review and analysis
  • E-discovery
  • Preparation of monthly worksheet summaries of different cases to lawyers

Document Review

We provide clients with seamless discovery services, boasting a breadth of capabilities, which allow for comprehensive document review, while maintaining the highest standards. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers to proofread all the painstaking documents thoroughly. Our specialized document review team comprises of highly qualified and experienced attorneys.