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Prolific and visionary services for NGO Formation are among ours essential and significant ancillary services in countries worldwide. NGOs are those private associations of like-minded people which are established for certain noble, philanthropic, and developmental objectives, and are not governed and managed by any governmental agency. For a long enriching time, ours law firm has been a hugely prominent service provider to people and various types of entities involved in the businesses of diverse economic sectors in nations located all around the whole world. All various areas of legal practice have been well-served proficiently by ours richly and variedly experienced and veteran legal professionals. By virtue of these all impressive facts, our law firm is highly famous and commonly preferred regarding perfect and swift NGO formation services in countries located in all over the world, especially including India, where its main office is established well. All different types of NGOs have been supported adroitly by ours mellow attorneys and lawyers, chosen as per certain specific objectives to be achieved through the establishment of those. Now, our refined and responsible NGO formation services are readily and securely available through the brisk service named NGO formation online.

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NGO Formation Services India

For wholesome and decent NGO formation in india, we offer expert services for setting up all diverse types of Trusts, Societies, section-8 companies, and other NGOs, in every part of the country. Our NGO formation services range from the very planning of an NGO to its proper and secured formation and registration in the desired place in all across India. For formation of Trusts, there are individual Trusts Acts in all major States of India, in addition to the federal act of Indian Trusts Act, 1882. The Trust Deed being the most significant document, and the minimum number of trustees required is two. The establishment of section-8 companies, which are recognized as non-commercial and non-profit companies, is made as per the rules and procedures mentioned in the section-8 of the New Companies Act, 2013. Registration processes are same as the company registration process, and all issues are tackled by the registrar of companies in the concerned State. For formation of a society, resorted to is the Societies Registration Act, 1860; and the minimum number of its members prescribed is seven. In the case of societies, the most vital documents are the Memorandum of Association and the By-laws of the Association. Well-informed and flawless preparation of all requisite documents for all types of NGOs, is expertly carried out by ours richly experienced and mellow attorneys.