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How to Trademark Search?

A trademark search is the earliest step in the process preceding trademark registration. It is very essential to know the full extent of any possible use of your trademark proceeding to file a trademark application. It is common that third party has already registered your mark, which has certain common law rights to use the mark that you wish to register. If the trademark search reflects that your trademark is already registered, investing in a search for the trademark, you will have saved both the trademark filing fees as well as the trademark application preparation fee.

Trademark Search may be time consuming and difficult if you don't have the expertise and proficiency. There is no online trademarks database and physically, you have to go to Trademark Office and ask for list of trademarks. In order to facilitate this, our company offers a Trademark Comprehensive Study. The trademark comprehensive study will inform you about the classes where your trademark should register, it will list you similar trademarks and finally the Study will give you a recommendation about registration possibilities and use of your trademark.

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