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FDI in India

Today, the fdi in india, is regarded to be highly productive and amply secured by investors and companies belonging to countries worldwide. Rapid development in almost all major and significant economic fields and fast and steady GDP growth rate of Indian economy are some of the most influencing factors behind perennial and huge foreign direct investment india, in last decades. Liberal and promotional fdi policy of the Government of India is another significant factor. Precious information about the fdi policy india, is given separately in the lower section. Various other elements promoting regular and vast foreign direct investment in India in diverse economic sectors are described also in the lower section, along with ours well-informed and impeccable services for making lucrative and fully secured foreign direct investment in India. Our resourceful and reputed law firm well-established in india, is one of the magnificent service providers in the whole world to people and entities in all economic sectors, with discerning and swift legal services related with all areas of legal practice.

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Foreign Direct Investment Policy in India

The fdi policy of the Government of india is rather supportive and enticing to foreign direct investment in various sectors. At present, the most attractive and profitable sectors for fdi in india are - real estate and housing development; information technology and ITES; tourism and hospitality; education; retail; petroleum and petroleum products; natural gas; mining and minerals; infrastructure; pharmaceuticals; and so on. These investments can be made through the governmental route or the automatic route, depending upon the categories of investment fields and the fdi policies of the Indian Government. In most of the developing fields, there is allowed sharing up to 100% by foreign investors and companies. Our services regarding foreign direct investment in India begin from the very planning of such investment to well and secured establishment of entities and their businesses in India. The ever-growing vast market of India, and abundance of qualified and well-experienced professionals have been acting as vital incentive to safe and gainful fdi in india.