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Also commonly prominent as the trademark registration, the brand registration is one of the basic requirements of business entities in diverse fields. A Brand could be a trademark, or service mark, or any distinct logo, adopted to provide unique identity and recognition to one's company or its goods or products. The brands registered with any domestic jurisdiction receive recognition and protection only within the concerned country. For international businesses, brands are to be registered under the internationally accredited trademark regulations and authorities, in addition to the domestic brand registration. Ours law firm of worldwide reputation offers superb brand registration services at both domestic and international levels for lavish and great benefits to companies, industries, institutions, and organizations established in countries all around the world. Ours these brand registration services are illustrated in the below section exclusively. Today, ours these reliable services are swiftly well-accessible and available through brand registration online. Our innovative law firms has been extending legal services in connection with all streams of the law, inherently including the company law and the intellectual property law.

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Brand Registration Services India

All trademark classes are covered thoroughly by ours dedicated services for brand registration in india. In addition to registration of trademarks and service marks at national level in India, ours refined and discerning trademark attorneys additionally provide services to Indian entities for their trademark registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. For brand registration in any field, we render all ancillary and essential services for Indian and Foreign entities in all across India. These services cover - visionary support for creation of elegant trademark or brand; rigorous and brisk trademark searches at national or international level; trademark infringement analysis; making perfect trademark application for registration; procedural filing of the application with the desired zonal trademark office in India or international office; and offering punctual and effective trademark prosecution for the best possible and brisk registration. Our other services regarding brands and trademarks are - trademark opposition; brand watch and monitoring; brand promotion and protection; brand dispute resolution; and brand infringement litigation at national or international arenas.